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List of the best BitCore Faucets on Faucetpay.io

Claim from a number of free BitCore faucets

We have a list of the best cryptocurrency Faucets on Faucetpay.io. Here you can find Faucets to claim free Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dashcoin, Dogecoin and much more...

BitCore Faucet BitCore Faucets

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What is BTX

The goal for BitCore (BTX) is to become payment solution that is usable by everyone in the world. Therefore, making BitCore (BTX) easier to use in real life is an important goal for the BitCore team and community, and the following roadmap moves BitCore ever closer to this goal.
Source: bitcore.cc

What is a BitCore Faucet?

A BTX Faucet is a website where you can get a little bit of BitCore for free. You get paid in Satoshi which is a hundredth of a millionth BTC. For example, 1 Satoshi equals 0.00000001 Bitcoin.
To claim your free BitCore you typically have to complete a short captcha or can do other tasks to get some extra Satoshi. Today many Faucet Websites use "Shortlinks" which redirect the Users to a third party website with Ads. Therefore the Users get more free BitCore (BTX) than usual.
Faucet Sites use ads to earn money and share a part of their earnings with their users so both, the website Owner and the Users make a profit out of it.
Unfortunately there are many people out there scamming Users and not paying them to make more profit themselfes. As a result of this I would recommend to use Micropayment services like *Faucetpay.io or *Expresscrypto.io.
On a normal BitCore Faucet you claim Satoshi and they are added to you account balance on that specific website. If you want to withdraw them, you need a minimum amount of Satoshi on you Account. The big problem is, that many of these Websites don't pay you in the end. When it's time to withdraw the users money the owner often deletes their accounts or the website just diasppears. (Of course there are also legit Websites.
You can find a list of the best direct Faucet Websites *here) To prevent this you can use Micropayment services. Here the Satoshi you claim are transferred straight to you *Faucetpay.io or *Expresscrypto.io account and there is no way the website Owner can scam you or don't pay you, as the payments are made automatically wihtout the website owner being able to do anything about it. You can collect your earning from different Faucets on one "Faucetpay.io" or "Expresscrypto.io" and will be able to transfer your earnings to you personal Wallet much sooner.

What is Faucetpay.io?

FaucetPay.io is wallet of BTC, LTC, DOGE, BCH, DASH, ETH, DGB, TRX and acts as a micropayment service. You can earn crypto from other Websites like for example faucets or direct trough Faucetpay. Faucetpay.io offers PTC, instant crypto exchange and a lottery. It is one of the major players when it comes to micropayment services and it’s trusted by many users earning thousands of dollars with them. Click *here to get to their Website.

How to start earning? (beginner Guide)

1. You need to get a BitCore Wallet or a Wallet of your preferred cryptocurrency.

A Wallet is essentially you Crypto bank account. This is where you store your BitCore, your Ethereum and all the other cryptocurrencies. In a good Wallet you can also sell your Crypto to get real money instead.
I would suggest you to use Coinbase. This Wallet supports many different cryptocurrencies and you can easily exchange, buy or them or sell.
To create a Coinbase Wallet click *here.

2. If you want to use Micropayment services you need to create a "Faucetpay.io" or "Expresscrypto.io" account.

Due to reasons listed above it much safer to use a Micropayment service to claim from different faucets.
Click *here to create a *Faucetpay.io account or *here to create a *Expresscrypto.io account. (You can also use both at the same time)

3. Find crypto Faucets to claim from

Now you are ready to start earning crypto!
On this website you can find a list of the best Faucetpay.io and Expresscrypto.io Faucets.
You can choose your favorites and just press "Claim" or "Visit". Then a new tab will open and show you the Faucet Website. You will find all Further instructions on how to claim your free BitCore or in general free Cryptocurrency on the Faucet website itself.
Tipp: On our Website you can sort the Faucets after many different criteria. Sometimes its better to go for a Faucet with a lower / realistic reward and a higher health.

Links marked with "*" are referral links. I get a little Bonus if you use it and you don't have any disadvantages! I would be very happy if you used them :)

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